Architects in Houston

Architects in Houston offer unique and quality service to their clients. These firms are equipped with the best professionals who specialize in the planning, design and construction of architectural projects. These firms offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of their clients, from residential to large commercial projects. Houston architects have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that all projects are successfully completed. For that reason in the following web page you can find the 7 best architects services in Houston.

The Best 7 Architecture Firms in Houston

Kirksey Architecture


In 1971, John Kirksey, a young architecture intern just a year out of college, with one project and an entrepreneurial spirit, decided to create what is now known as the Kirksey Architecture Company of Companies, a leader in Texas construction. What started as an independent project in a makeshift studio that John and some friends set up in his attic has grown into a multi-specialty practice with over 150 employees based in our Houston, Texas location with additional offices in Austin and Dallas.

At Kirksey, we take each other, our customers, our community and our planet very seriously. As architects, designers and planners, we believe we have a responsibility to design high-performance, healthy buildings that positively impact the people, environment and communities they serve.

Lee Hsia
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Competent, professional, flexible, and friendly firm. Outstanding work all-around! Their attention to detail is top notch. Our home is very near completion and every inch of our home exhibits a timeless look. Shawn guided us through every step of the design and made sure we always had our questions answered.

StudioMET Architects


Our work is not related to a specific style. We strive to redefine what it means to be modern and strongly believe in architectural authenticity. Our philosophy is largely based on an individual approach to each design, the company’s success is based on listening to the needs of our customers. We approach each project with a unique perspective based on our client’s plans, budget and location.

While our design approach remains the same, our design process is fluid and ever-changing, but there is a consistent underlying thread that runs through all of our work. We create buildings that are environmentally friendly, appropriate for time and place, and fair in structure and materials. Our design process is a collaboration both in the office and between us and our clients.

DeeDee Garcia
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StudioMet architects listened to our needs for maximizing tree and park views and yet maintaining privacy. Our home is exactly what we wanted and more! The spaces for entertaining both indoors and outdoors are inviting and make use of all levels as our home is 8 feet higher than ground level.

AMB Architects


Our goal is to move your organization forward. Thanks to our expertise in this field, we can work with any client who needs to refurbish their business office. Our architects tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. The design was driven by the company’s goals and what they wanted to achieve in the new office space.

Each is designed to provide clients with efficient and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Our mission is to provide our clients with a space that best reflects their business and fits their budget. We pride ourselves on building strong working relationships with our clients. We see this as the key to meeting all their needs while enhancing the design of the space.

Glen Young
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As a General Contractor here in Houston, I have been working with AMB Architects, specifically Katherine, for several years. I have brought several unique renovation projects to her, large and small, and she has handled every aspect of the projects perfectly, being attentive, on time, informative, with great communication, and very cost affective. It is for these reasons I have continued to use AMB and will continue to on each one of my projects. Thank you Katherine for the great service!!



Gensler is a global architecture, design and planning firm with 53 locations and more than 7,000 professionals in the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Founded in 1965, the firm works globally with more than 4,000 clients in more than 29 practice areas spanning work, lifestyle, community and wellness. Our mission is to create a better world through the power of design and believe that our power comes from our people.

Through our diversity of thought, our research and innovation, our shared values ​​and our shared corporate culture, we are moving together into a new era defined by design. By empowering our people and working seamlessly as one connected company, we can make the biggest impact in our communities as we continue to address the world’s challenges.

Blanca Peña
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The largest architecture firm in the world. A great place to work, great firm culture and contributions to the community. We had an excellent experience working with Jim. He is talented and thoughtful with a great eye for detail. He is a consummate professional.

PBK Architects Inc


We are a unique team of over 650 professionals working together to deliver research-based space design that improves human performance through high levels of customer service. Our design and planning approach focuses on providing a unique environment that maximizes construction costs, operational efficiency, environmental responsiveness and end-user outcomes.

Every aspect of PBK is strategically tailored to respond to the specific needs of our clients. Our team works with a “whatever it takes” approach that emphasizes PBK’s strongest cultural trait: going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients receive the best service in the industry.

Jason Fender
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This company goes above, and beyond what was expected expected out of them to produce drawings that were very accurate, and precise. The office at 11 Greenwayplaza Plaza was beautiful, and obviously designed by their exceptional architects.

Ziegler Cooper Architects


Ziegler Cooper has become one of Houston’s leading construction companies with a national and international presence. Today, we find that our practice is well positioned to provide our clients with the expertise they need to gain a competitive advantage.

In support of this belief, we have structured our practice as specific inner studies to meet the basic human needs to live, learn, work and worship. In these practice areas, the firm fosters collaboration and innovation to create beautiful buildings and inspiring spaces that are functional and sustainable, an invaluable asset to their owners. We care deeply about our clients and strive to help them succeed.

Sky Baller
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We have built 2 other homes before and this is by far the best experience we have had. Jim is knowledgeable, honest, and does great work. He is unpretentious and has a great eye for fluidity and functionality of space. We downsized from Bellaire and are enjoying our home in Montrose.

Collaborative Designworks


Offering full Architectural services for Residential and Commercial projects as well as graphics, interiors, planning, and construction management. Collaborative Designworks seeks unique opportunities with individuals and companies who appreciate innovative design solutions that exceed their expectations.

The process of design requires a collaborative framework which enables the specific needs of the client to be translated by the Architect into a successful project. Collaborative Designworks creates engaging environments tailored to the user.

Ryan Duguid
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Jim has always been at the forefront of modern architecture and design since I first met him back in the 90s. Since then I've had the opportunity to get to know Jim on a personal level and watch him build an impressive portfolio. It was a pleasure to work with Collaborative Design Works on the Woodhead Double project and I hope to find an opportunity to work together again in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hiring an architecture service in Houston?

Are you looking for an architecture service in Houston? Hiring an architecture service can provide many advantages, such as helping you save time and money, getting professional advice on design and construction, and ensuring that your project is completed according to the highest standards. With the help of an experienced architect, you can be sure that your project will be completed with efficiency and accuracy.

What expertise do Houston architects possess?

Houston architects possess an array of expertise that makes them well-suited for a variety of projects. From designing residential and commercial buildings to creating unique green spaces, Houston architects are experienced in the art and science of architecture. They have the technical knowledge to ensure that their designs meet local building codes and regulations, as well as the aesthetic vision to create beautiful works of art.

How do Houston architects ensure the best quality of work?

Houston architects have to make sure that they are providing the best quality of work in order to remain competitive in the market. In order to do this, Houston architects must adhere to certain standards and use the latest technologies and techniques. They must also ensure that they are working with experienced professionals who can provide them with reliable advice. Furthermore, they must keep up with the latest trends in architecture so that their projects reflect modern design concepts. Finally, Houston architects must constantly evaluate their work and strive for excellence when it comes to their projects.

What kind of projects have Houston architects successfully completed in the past?

Houston architects have a long history of successful projects that span many different industries. From residential homes to commercial buildings, Houston architects have built some of the most iconic structures in the city. They have also worked on projects for government agencies, universities, and private companies. Their portfolio includes a variety of projects ranging from small-scale renovations to large-scale master plans. With their expertise in design and construction, Houston architects are well-equipped to handle any project they take on.

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