Exterior Home Renovations Companies in Houston

If you are looking for exterior repairs in Houston, there are many companies that can provide quality services to meet your needs. These services range from window and door installation and repair to porch and deck construction. The work is performed by experienced professionals in the field who can help you achieve the desired results without worrying about technical problems. So, if you are looking for a company that specializes in renovations, here are 7 of the best exterior renovation services in Houston.

The Best 7 Exterior Home Renovations Companies In Houston

Hestia Construction & Design


Hestia Construction & Design is dedicated to providing an unparalleled home remodeling experience with what we call “The Hestia Difference.” Trust, quality and efficiency are the three pillars of this difference. Our unique process allows us to closely monitor your project from start to finish to maximize quality and efficiency, ensuring you receive the product promised and the highest value for your investment.

Following this process has made us the most trusted professional remodeling company in Houston and Austin, delivering consistent results that have earned us numerous industry awards for excellence and customer service. Hestia Construction and Design prides itself on unparalleled customer service and communication with each of our clients. We are working hard to keep you updated on the various stages of the renovation project. From proposal to completion, customer service is our top priority.

Corey Phillips
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Working with Hestia has been a good experience thus far. We are almost at the finished line of my bathroom remodel. Rock has been super responsive and available to answer all my questions! Looking forward to coming back and updating with pictures!!!

Miguel Esteban Roofing & Remodeling


Since 1996, Miguel Esteban Houston Roofing and Reconstruction has been a leader in quality roofing and reconstruction services in and around Houston, Texas. Miguel Esteban Roofing & Remodeling LLC is a family business with over 25 years of experience. We always put our customers first when providing our services and we have succeeded in providing first class services to our customers.

When replacing any home, condo or office roof, we always ensure compliance with the Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Regulatory Policy – Storm Inspection Program. Our motto is that we never compromise on quality and craftsmanship, which lies in our slogan “We do it right!” For information about Miguel Esteban Roofing and Remodeling Company Houston, you can call us directly, our customer service is always available. offer to process and respond to your request.

Dave Dudziak
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I hired Miguel Esteban Roofing & Remodeling based on positive reviews and a competitive quote to replace the gate on the side of my house. They used a metal frame to strengthen the gate as well as put the posts much deeper in the ground. All the posts are amazingly level and straight. Mario did a fantastic job with the levelling. This gate/fence will stand up to very strong winds. I will be using them again on more upcoming projects.

Tico Home Remodeling


Gustavo Mararita started using her hands when he was very young, especially tiles. After moving from New Jersey to Houston, he served Houston to restore the device. “Gus” started as a tile installer and has worked on projects large and small. He spent time learning other trades such as framing, drywall, siding, brick and wood flooring.

Over the next 15 years, Gus built a loyal network of subcontractors that was more like family. He also built a committed team committed to a common goal. Work with homeowners to improve their quality of life and have fun. Tico Home Remodeling is based on a basic principle. You deserve to own the home of your dreams. A home is personal, it’s emotional, and it’s probably the biggest and most important investment you’ll ever make. It is the culmination of your life’s work and should be considered irreplaceable.

Paula Richards
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I used Tico Renovation for 2 bathroom remodels on our second floor. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the professionalism with management, quality of workmanship and followup as the job finished. I highly recommend this company.My husband and I have paid workers on the side to try to save some money, but it always resulted in disappointment. This time we decided to pay a little more to get true quality work and follow through with the hundreds of details wrapped in a home remodel. I feel like we won in the end. Best decision ever!

AMW Painting & Remodeling


AMW Painting & Remodeling in Katy, TX is a company you can trust! We enjoy serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Katy/West Houston area and take great pride in our work. We offer more than ten years of professional experience in a wide range of projects. Trust that we have the skills and abilities to do any job well! Finding the right renovation company can be a challenge.

At AMW Painting & Remodeling, we promise unwavering professionalism and an unrelenting commitment to customer service to ensure the job is done to your complete satisfaction. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of remodeling and painting projects over the years, and we promise you the same. We are a small business that can benefit you greatly.

Debbie McCormack
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We had Aaron and his crew paint the Outside of our home 3 years ago and they were so meticulous that I knew exactly who to call for painting the “Inside”! This past week they completely repainted my interior and WOW......no cheating.......all mirrors off the bathroom walls-every light fixture popped and electrical cover removed. All furniture and flooring covered and not one drop of paint anywhere! Completed in one week-they even washed the inside of my windows! You can’t go wrong in hiring AMW PAINTING for your home improvement projects❤️

ENG Remodeling Service


ENG Remodeling Service LLC has been providing professional home improvement services in and around Houston, Texas for over 20 years. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction, which is evident at every level of the process in transforming your home into the home you’ve always wanted. Our goal is to provide local owners with some of the largest home decor services in the area.

Our services have obtained permits and insurance to meet customer needs and projects. We are happy to make the most of your time with us. we love our community. We are a community-driven, customer-focused home improvement company that values ​​investing in our people and providing five-star service to our customers. We have the equipment, training and skills to help you move forward

Laura Wheeler
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We have used ENG now on 3 separate projects - master bathroom remodel, guest bathroom remodel & a mudroom/utility room/game room remodel. Elvis and his team are great. They provide professional, quality work, on time & on budget. We will definitely be using them again in the future.

Brooks Construction Group, LLC


If you’re looking for quality and friendly service, you’ve come to the right place. At Brooks Construction Group, LLC, we promise to give you the attention and service you need. We specialize in water damage and fire insurance claims for both commercial and residential buildings. We promise to work with your insurance company to reach a fair settlement that will leave your home looking original and better than ever! This is the same as having the IRS file your taxes for you.

Brooks Construction has several licensed adjusters with years of experience on the job, all of whom want to get you the money you deserve to make your structure better than it was before. We offer the best in both commercial and residential building restoration, new construction and remodeling. Brooks Construction Group, LLC is a family owned and operated business with offices in Houston, Texas.

Michelle H
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We don't even know where to start...they were the BEST! Very nice and professional and all the trades they hire were professional and we felt very comfortable with them in our home at any time. They are particular about perfection and caught small details that we did not even see. They are very honest and upfront with pricing and even would have us look at things again to see if we "really" needed to get something done, in order to save us money. We have recommended them to friends and we would not hesitate at all to use them again on future remodels or even to build from the ground up.

Southern Way Roofing & Construction


We are a young company in the roofing and remodeling industry that is very committed to protecting the environment. Our philosophy is based on controlled growth because we believe that excessive growth often leads to poor decisions and poor customer service. By controlling business processes, we can control the quantity and quality of our employees and suppliers, which are the two main pillars of any business.

We want to grow without forgetting what made us: our customers. We owe them the highest quality standards possible and we work hard every day to achieve this. We are committed to being the leading residential and commercial roofing company in Houston, Texas and distinguishing ourselves from the competition through continuous innovation, training and treating all our employees, customers and suppliers with integrity.

Rhizz Albaranz
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Southern Way Roofing is the best! Thanks to Art Price for all out support regarding our insurance issues that got denied from the other contractor. It was really a blessing indeed knowing Art Price from Southern Way Roofing and Construction. We are happy to know him and his team. They did an amazing job! 100% recommended! 👍🏼

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring an exterior remodeling service in Houston?

Homeowners in Houston looking for exterior remodeling services can benefit from hiring an experienced and reliable service provider. Professional exterior remodeling services can help homeowners save time, money, and stress as they take on the task of transforming their home’s exterior. Professional remodelers are knowledgeable about the latest trends, materials, and techniques to ensure that your home looks its best.

How can an exterior remodeling service improve the look of my home?

An exterior remodeling service can help to improve the look of your home in a variety of ways. From simple updates such as painting and adding new windows to more complex projects like replacing siding or installing a new roof, there are many options available to you. By working with an experienced exterior remodeling service, you can ensure that the project is done correctly and that it will increase the value of your home while also improving its overall aesthetic. With the right choices, you can make sure that your home looks great and stands out from the rest.

What services are typically included in an exterior remodeling package?

Exterior remodeling packages offer homeowners a great way to improve the look, feel, and value of their home. These packages typically include services such as siding installation, window and door replacement, new roof installation, and other exterior improvements. With these services, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home while also increasing its curb appeal. Exterior remodeling packages are also a great way to increase the value of your home should you decide to sell in the future.

Is there a cost difference between different exterior remodeling companies in Houston?

Home remodeling is a big decision that requires careful consideration of both cost and quality. In Houston, there are a variety of exterior remodeling companies that offer different services and prices. It can be difficult to determine which company offers the best value for your money. Here we will look at the cost differences between different exterior remodeling companies in Houston so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to your home renovation project.


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