Providers of the Best Home Security Systems in Houston

Security is a priority for businesses in Houston and security systems have played an important role in helping to protect businesses. Technological advances have allowed Houston businesses to offer more sophisticated security services. This has allowed businesses to improve the protection of their facilities, as well as improve online security. On the following website you can find the 7 best security system services in Houston.

The Best 7 Home Security Systems Services In Houston

Allied Home Security & Alarm


Allied Security offers its customers the best alarm monitoring in Texas. We use only the best UL listed monitoring stations with the fastest response times to keep your home and family safe. All of our security packages are packed with industry-leading features that keep you in control of your home, no matter where you are. Call today and your security system will be installed FREE that day.

Our certified technicians will come and install all your equipment and provide you with free on-site training so you know exactly how to use your security system. Unlike other companies, our systems have a mobile surveillance standard. This means that even if your internet goes down, you can stay connected to our monitoring stations via mobile to keep you and your family safe no matter what.

Kim Nguyen
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We had adt but were having a lot of issues with them. Someone recommended Allied so we gave them a try. They have great deals and the technician Josh arrived in a timely manner. The service provided was wonderful. Well done. He was professional and responsive. Knew what he was doing. Will recommend.

Smith Thompson Home Security


We own and operate our own UL certified dispatch center in Dallas, Texas. This is how we are able to provide high quality security and alarm monitoring at an affordable price. We are the largest independent alarm company in Texas and have been family owned and operated since 1978. In over 40 years we have never raised our monitoring rate of $16.95 or asked for a contract.

This makes Smith Thompson Home Security one of the last truly performance security companies in Dallas. Why contract for 3-5 if the company says they have good service and won’t raise your prices? This is a huge red flag. If the service or equipment is bad, you’re stuck. We are motivated every day to make your business successful, and when it comes to security systems, that’s the most important thing. If you don’t like us, you can fire us

Bee Shay
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Great experience so far! The Smith Thompson professional installation on yesterday was on time and smooth. All system were operational and the technician insured my house was clean and free of debris. He also wore shoe covers to keep my floors clean. My technician thoroughly tutored me on my system and tested everything.

Fort Knox Home Security


Fort Knox Home Security is the top rated alarm monitoring company in Texas. If you need a home security system or want to switch providers and want to save hundreds of dollars a year on service, look no further! Our team is here to serve our customers and give back to our community. Fort Knox Home Security and Alarm Systems provides walk-in services for Vivint, Smith Thompson, ADT, Brinks, AT&T Digital Life, DSC, GE, 2GIG and most other companies that offer Houston security systems.

Houston home and business owners who put their security first have been in the hands of Fort Knox for over 20 years. As a Texas company dedicated to serving Texans, we understand our customers’ individual needs for Houston home security, smart home integration and video surveillance. Fort Knox has worked hard to earn a solid reputation among customers for low prices and fast response times thanks to our licensed technicians and our company-owned monitoring center.

Cassandra McDermott
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Mark was awesome! He came out to help us pick out a security system, we had a few reported car break in’s in our neighborhood. He was really friendly, extremely helpful, never once made us feel pressured, and helped us pick the best package for our needs! We will definitely feel more secure leaving home, especially on extended vacations! Thanks for all your help! Oh by the way, no unsightly equipment, you can check out the picture of the main unit!!!!

Archangel Alarm Services


Archangel Alarm Services, LLC is a family owned business located in Humble, Texas. Serving the greater Houston area since 2006, we have over 700 customers. We specialize in residential and commercial security systems and fire alarm monitoring. Our mission is to protect your belongings and loved ones by protecting your property and loved ones 24/7 – giving you peace of mind whether you’re in town or on vacation, at home or on the go.

Our team of professional security consultants will help protect your home or business with top-notch monitoring services and products from industry-leading residential or commercial security system manufacturers. Our security systems are state-of-the-art and our services are tailored to your specific security needs.

Bumble Bee
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Everyone at Arch Angel has been great to work with! Their prices are very reasonable and we’ve never had an issue with being able to reach someone or anything. Their techs are quick and good at installing and servicing equipment. Highly recommend them for your security needs.

ASAP Security Services


ASAP Security has been a trusted leader in the Texas security market as we are one of the largest private companies specializing in security. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best monitoring and security solutions. From threat detection systems to school security solutions to video surveillance, our experts are ready to help protect your business in the Houston, TX or Corpus Christi area.

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and we strive to do so by consistently providing first-class facilities and high-quality customer support. We work tirelessly on every project to demonstrate why we are the technologist of choice for luxury homeowners and professionals. Our people and the services we provide define our company.

Madeleine Schlemmer
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I had what turned out to be a very minor problem with my system. ASAP had just taken over the company that was handling my alarm previously and they did not know it. If they had, the problem could have been solved over the phone. But I was very glad that ASAP realized this and reduced the amount charged, very much appreciated by me. The technician who did come out and fixed the problem in 2 minutes, Fernando, in addition to being professional was also very pleasant

OMNI Fire and Security Systems


Our intent is to provide the people of Houston and Harris County with an alternative to large national corporations. We know what it means to be Houston’s most customer-focused security company, with over 30 years of company history and national manufacturer names you know and trust, like Honeywell and First Alert.

OMNI Fire & Security is a locally owned and operated authorized security dealer for Honeywell and First Alert products, which means our focus and scope is limited to the greater Houston area and surrounding areas. As for your priority alert, our in-state competitors routinely monitor their customers with oversized out-of-state monitoring centers on sporadic 800 phone systems that often fail during storms and power outages.

Kelly Kolb
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I’ve used Omni Security for years and have always been satisfied. Their customer service is great and their pricing beats most competitors. I appreciate that they attempt to work with existing equipment and don’t require purchasing only their units.

Bassec Security Systems


If you are looking to improve the security conditions of your Greater Houston property, you can always turn to Bassec Security Systems for help. Our experienced team has the equipment and expertise to help deliver security services of any size or complexity, and we focus on always paying close attention to our clients’ needs.

We can design and install the security system you need, and our affordable prices and flexible payment plans allow you to earn more. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and our owners are always on site to ensure our work is to the standard our customers deserve. We make it possible to meet the planning needs of our clients. Bassec Security Systems is one of the fastest growing smart home security and automation companies in Texas.

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Gary was extremely professional and came out to my house the same day as my inquiry. Once I decided to go with this company the tech was at my house within 4 hours. The tech was also very professional during the installation and explained the system/app to me. Bassec is not the cheapest or most expensive, but they have good service and were very responsive to my needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What security systems services are available in Houston?

Houston is a bustling city with a vibrant economy and growing population. As such, it is important that businesses and individuals in the area secure their assets with reliable security systems services. From CCTV surveillance to home alarms, there are many security systems services available in Houston that can help protect your property and peace of mind. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of security systems services available in Houston, as well as the benefits they can provide.

How do these services help protect businesses and homes?

Businesses and homes are vulnerable to a variety of threats, from cyberattacks to physical intrusions. Fortunately, there are services available that can help protect them. These services use a variety of technologies, such as AI-powered analytics, machine learning algorithms, and advanced security systems to detect and prevent threats before they cause harm. They also provide monitoring and alerting capabilities so that businesses and homeowners can be alerted in the event of an incident or breach.

What specific features do security systems offer in Houston?

Security systems in Houston offer a variety of features that can help protect homes and businesses. From motion detectors to video surveillance, these systems can provide peace of mind and a sense of safety. With the right security system, Houston residents can rest assured that their property is protected from intruders and other threats. In this article, we will discuss the specific features offered by security systems in Houston and how they can benefit you.

Are there any additional benefits to hiring a security system service in Houston?

When it comes to security, Houston businesses have a lot to gain from hiring a professional security system service. Not only will they be able to keep their premises secure, they will also benefit from the additional services that come with it. From access control systems and video surveillance to fire and burglar alarms, these services can provide peace of mind and protection for any business in Houston. Furthermore, these services can also help reduce costs associated with break-ins or other security breaches by providing proactive monitoring and detection solutions.

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