Tattoo Shops and Artists in Houston

Houston is a city with a wide variety of tattoo shops to choose from. If you are looking for a place to get your next tattoo, then there are many stores in Houston that offer tattoo services. These stores offer various styles and designs to suit the tastes and needs of their customers. The prices are reasonable and there are many options to choose from, from modern designs to traditional classics. In addition, most stores have experienced professionals who can help customers select the best design for them. For that reason on the following website you can find the 7 best tattoo services in Houston.

The Best 7 Tattoo Artists in Houston

Los Muertos Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery


Los Muertos Tattoo Studio is a tattoo shop located in the heart of the Old Warehouse Art District of Downtown Houston. The Old Warehouse District of Downtown Houston was transformed from an industrial zone to a residential/art commercial area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, yet maintains its historical look.Erie City Iron Works was built in 1909. It became home to Los Muertos Tattoo Studio on November 02, 2010. It was the perfect fit for a Dia De Los Muertos celebration, which is our inspiration.

Los Muertos Tattoo Studio focuses on always obtaining outstanding artists, meanwhile encouraging each and every artist to develop their own unique style. Art is not constrained only to one genre. At Los Muertos Tattoo Studio you can find artists with skills from the Black and Gray of realism to the bold lines of traditional tattoos.

Rochelle Ismael
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I walked into the shop and was immediately greeted by Jasmine who is so calm and peaceful. She has a very welcoming energy. She was engaged in what exactly I wanted. She free handed a tattoo that took my breath away. I’m beyond satisfied with the finish product. Can’t wait to go back for her exceptional expertise.

Scorpion Studios Tattoo


Houston’s premier custom tattoo studio. We offer all the answers to your quest for tattooing excellence. Professional, award winning and licensed artist provide the highest quality standards of tattooing and the solutions to all of your artistic visions!

Scorpion Studios mission is to foster equal involvement and care in each aspect of our shop. We encourage our customers to be a part of the creative process, as this is our passion, and total client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our award winning staff have extensive knowledge in various genres and seek only to produce the highest level of artwork.

Adam Morrow
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Came here for my first tattoo a few days ago and couldn't have picked a better place to go! From the initial contact of setting up an appointment to getting the actual tattoo everyone was very informative and made it a very smooth and easy process. I wanted to get a phrase in someone else's handwriting and Will did a fantastic job! Couldn't be happier with the work and the service.

Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio


We can recommend using a few different healing methods that work, but you should always talk to your artist to find out which may be better for you. Everyone responds differently to different aftercare methods. These differences are a result of lifestyle and genetics. Talking with your artist will give you the best results possible. We also offer different products at the shop for aftercare purposes.

Always thoroughly wash your hands before taking care of your tattoo. Remove the bandage after about 30 minutes. Wash the tattoo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Rinse well with water, ensuring that no soap remains. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Apply a very thin layer of unscented healing ointment to your tattoo twice a day for two weeks. It is important to moisturize your new tattoo, but try not over saturate it.

Mike Garcia
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Great tattoo shop! Very clean and artist do amazing work. I highly recommend Mike! His detail on my tattoo is phenomenal and will definitely be coming back to him very soon! Look no further for a tattoo shop! Artistic Impressions got you covered!!

Flying Squid Tattoo


Flying Squid is a unique, multi-faceted art gallery & tattoo shop in the heart of the Houston Heights. The gallery opens into seven individual rooms – five different and sterile portals into five different artists’ lives. Getting a tattoo is a serious decision. Arming yourself with as much information as possible is important, and education is important to us at Flying Squid.

Health regulations vary from country to country and city to city, and in some cases health regulations are non-existent. This can indeed make tattooing a dangerous practice. But by taking precautions, combining knowledge, common sense, research and extensive clinical practice, we at Flying Squid strive to provide you with the safest body modification experience possible.

Nilza Mendes
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Cat was great! He made good suggestions, gave us great ideas and advise on the tattoos we wanted. Everyone was super professional, friendly and timely! Cat also gave me great action movie ideas! All in all, a great experience for my first time visiting Houston….I’ll definitely be back for the rising phoenix!!

Rampage Tattoo


Rampage Tattoo is a private studio on the Westheimer strip in the Westchase District. Our nearest cross street is Dairy Ashford. To book an appointment please leave your deposit and someone will email you to book a consultation. At the consultation, you will be given a tattoo date. Thank you for your business and we hope to hear from you soon.

Designed the piece keeping the client’s skin tone in mind for colors and body proportions for the right layout. He wanted the piece to be legible with a mixture of watercolor and fine line work.

Jaquelin Martinez
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The environment and vibe is amazing, I made a appointment with Dustin and it was a great experience! He made me feel comfortable and made sure I liked the way my designs came out! Highly recommend going to this place and to Dustin for tattoos!

Rose & Dagger Tattoo


ROSE AND DUNKA TATTOO opens with a single vision. Create a space where both artists and customers can come together to create beautiful unique tattoos. We have created a special group of artists who live and breathe not only tattoos, but art in all its forms. As we continue to grow, we draw inspiration from each other and from the many great artists, illustrators and painters who have long influenced us.

At ROSE AND DAGGER, we strive to exceed our own and our customers’ expectations. ROSE AND DAGGER artists have over 50 years of experience, allowing us to create the perfect tattoo, large or small. Every tattoo is important to us. We strive to give each client a unique and personal tattoo that they will love forever.

Blake Englehart
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Louis is a GREAT artist and did a A++ job on this tattoo, he's also very friendly easy to talk to. I have quite a few tattoos from different shops and different states. This tattoo shop is probably the best experience I have had in a shop. Everyone in the shop was nice and talkative including the owner.

Inkfamous Tattoo & Barber Company


At Inkfamous Tattoo Studios, we strive to provide a positive experience to meet the individual needs of our clients. Every experience should remain unique and personal. We understand that the desires of our clients evolve and each individual is different. We take pride in presenting to you an establishment that offers talented Tattoo Artists, Barbers and Body Piercers to accommodate each and every client’s needs and interest.

We believe in showcasing good vibes and positive attitudes; while also providing our clients a clean and inviting atmosphere. Inkfamous Tattoo Studios is in full compliance with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR). We hold the following valid and current licenses in the State of Texas.

bri smiley
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I got a two big tattoos done by Angel. I enjoyed the experience. Scheduling the appointments was quick , The studio was clean and all the needles were opened in front of me. Reasonable pricing , Professional , Informative & good vibes all around. I love my ink and overall, the experience exceeded my expectations and I look forward to returning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting a tattoo in Houston?

Getting a tattoo in Houston is becoming increasingly popular. With the city’s vibrant art scene, there are plenty of experienced and talented tattoo artists to choose from. Not only do you get to work with an artist who can bring your vision to life, but there are also many other benefits that come with getting a tattoo in Houston. From the unique designs available to the convenience of being able to find a shop near you, getting a tattoo in Houston can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Are tattoos in Houston safe and hygienic?

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in Houston, but it is important to be aware of the safety and hygiene measures that need to be taken before getting a tattoo. It is essential to research the tattoo artist and parlor you choose, as well as make sure they follow all necessary health regulations. This will ensure that your tattoo experience is safe and hygienic.

How much does a tattoo cost in Houston?

Tattooing is an art form that has been around for centuries and is still popular in Houston today. Depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo, prices may vary greatly. Prices for tattoos in Houston can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Factors such as the artist’s experience, the size and complexity of the tattoo, and even the location on your body can all affect how much a tattoo will cost. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these factors and provide an estimated range for what you might expect to pay for a tattoo in Houston.

Which areas of Houston offer the best value for tattoos?

Houston is a great place to get a tattoo, and there are plenty of areas that offer the best value for your money. From the trendy Montrose neighborhood to the historic Heights area, Houston has something for everyone when it comes to tattoos. Whether you’re looking for an artist with a unique style or just a great price, these areas have it all. In this article, we will explore some of the best places in Houston to get your next tattoo and discuss how you can find the best value for your money.

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